Our fleet consists of both company owned equipment and owner operators under permanent lease to Pleasant Trucking, Inc.   A breakdown of the equipment is as follows:

  1. Tractors

Company owned       43

Owner Operators       13

TOTAL       56

2. Tri-Axles

Company owned        3

3.   Trailers

Company owned     202    (53’ Vans)    13’6” X  102”

Company owned       10    (48’ Flatbeds)

Company Owned      11    (53’ Flatbeds)

Company Owned        1    (Step Deck Flatbed)

TOTAL    224

Company owned equipment is maintained by our shop personnel.   Owner operator equipment is periodically safety inspected by our shop personnel.  Our company policy is to replace existing power units so that our tractors will be no more than 5 years old.

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